Pestokill has been established since 1985 and is a member of the British Pest Control Association. Quality assurance is provided through our ISO 9002 accreditation and Management Strategies. We provide the personal attention that you would expect from a family company whilst providing the support and product range that the National Organisations provide.

We service over 14000 clients premises throughout the UK. Food related industries are the prime clients however pests will take advantage of any situation and therefore all types of premises need protection. These include Shopping Center’s, Airports, food, processors, Bakers,warehouses offices etc.

Industry Awards
"Professional Pest Controller of the Year - 1999". In 1999 Pestokill was recognised by the Industry and voted “Professional Pest Controller of the Year“. The Judges unanimously voted that Pestokill best demonstrated training of staff and innovation within the Industry.

Pest Prevention
We operate by the theory that prevention is better than cure and have several service levels to suit all clients.
Level 1 - Basic Service - All pest monitoring devices dated on each routine visit.
Level 2 - CheckMate Service. - "CheckMate" Laser bar codes applied to Pest Monitoring Devices
Level 3 - CheckMate Platinum Service - "CheckMate" Laser Bar Codes are applied to Pest Monitoring Devices with Site Plan, Field Biologist Reports and Fly Catch Analysis.
Level 3A - CheckMate Online - "CheckMate" Laser Bar Codes are applied to Pest Monitoring Devices with Site Plan, Field Biologist Reports and Fly Catch Analysis are available online.

Minimum Service Specification

(1) Certificate of Pest Control
(2) Emergency Call Outs Free of Charge
(3) Provision of a Pest Control Manual to contain:
Treatment reports for each visit (2) COSHH details and Contract Specification
Bait Location Check List, Visit History Summary
24 Hour Emergency Contact Numbers



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Our Central Help Desk is answered 24 hours a day, with a small team who will have all of the information that they need to help you.

Tel: 08700 660 999

Fax: 01942 607570

Email: helpdesk@pestokill.co.uk

Head Office: Graveoak East Lancashire Road, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 3SE

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