Bed Bug Bed Moat

Bed Bug Bed Moat
Bed Bug Bed Moat Bed Bug Bed Moat Bed Bug Bed Moat
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If you want to monitor, control or assist with elimination the Bed Bug moat is an excellent first line of defence.

We know that 69% of bed bugs live off the bed. The best attractant for bed bugs is you, when you lie in bed out they will come.

On their way to their feed they will climb into the moat and the highly polished sides will mean that they can't get out. Trapped they are there for you to find and retrieve.

Sleek and effective, with a discreet square design.

  • The polished interior well ensures bedbugs from the bed cannot climb out onto the floor area
  • Cost effective, solid and made of a durable construction to last for many years.
  • Inner dimensions 95mm outer 120mm

 Prevent Bed Bugs - Choose the Bed Bug moat as your early warning system.  

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